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Ryan Freydig strikes out the first three batters he faces to lead Hemet’s West Valley High School to a lopsided victory. Making that accomplishment extra impressive is the fact Freydig did it in his first game of the season. Pushing it into inspirational territory is the fact that Freydig did it two weeks after his 100th hour of chemotherapy for the testicular cancer diagnosis he received on Christmas Day. Can you imagine how scary it must be to be 17 and know you have cancer? I can, kinda. Can you imagine how weird it must be to be 17 and know that everybody knows it is testicular cancer?  I can, sorta. Can you imagine how brainy and balanced a 17-year-old it must be to diagnose his testicular cancer by looking up possible reasons for your symptoms on the Internet, soothe his family through the shock, keep working out a little during the chemo, then get back on the pitchers mound after it was over—and strike out the side in the first inning? No freakin’ way. I don’t even remember what I got last Christmas.



You are now free to crash about the country.



Bill Postmus, who has been creeping people out pretty consistently during his political career—whether on the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors or in the office of County Assessor—gets a little of the willies himself today when investigators from the San Berdoo show up at his office with search warrants. Well, you gotta assume he’s got the willies—well, the billies, in his case—because he isn’t available to say one way or the other. He gets one of his lackeys to say he’s got no comment . . . which, can’t you just do by not saying anything? On the other hand, nobody at the DA’s office is being very loquacious, either—keeping mum on what its investigators are looking for, how long they’ve been looking or whether Postmus is even the target. But is it okay to say that—after watching Postmus follow a political path that always has him sucking up to the wealthy and powerful—that I hope he is? If it is, I do. It’s not very professional of me, but I’m Postmussy that way. 



Terrell Lewis Markham’s bad situation gets worse today, when the 16-year-old San Bernardino kid—shot three times and blinded in a confrontation with cops last November—is told by a judge that he’s now got to stand trial (as an adult) on three charges related to the incident. A January 17 report by the San Bernardino County DA’s office cleared the cop—San Bernardino police officer Adam Affrunti—of any wrongdoing. The report said Markham refused repeated commands to stop during a foot chase through western San Bernardino and was pulling a gun from a rear pocket when Affrunti shot him above the left eye and in the left hand and chest. For good measure, the DA report also mentioned that Markham is a suspected gang member. Now he’ll stand trial on charges of resisting arrest, exhibiting a firearm and receiving stolen property—the gun he allegedly pulled had been reported stolen from a federal peace officer during an October 29 residential burglary in Victorville, the report said. It’s a pretty comprehensive report. 



Nailing drunk drivers has been a passion of Palm Springs police officer Simon “Unhappy Hour” Min since he began patrolling the streets of the Spa in 1999. The 36 DUI arrests he lodged that year amounted to a local record at the time. This year, however, Min is on pace to bring 200 inebriated drivers to justice. Last month Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) called Min a hero for his work. The many drunken drivers he’s arrested call Min various things, too, but we’re not sure what. They usually say it under their breath.



The Lakers cream the San Antonio Spurs to close within one win of the best record in probably the strongest race ever for the Western Conference championship, and Kobe Bryant struts around flapping his jersey and tousling the hair of his teammates, as if he had led them to this rarified place. Not quite. Bryant never believed in this team and did his best to tear it apart for his own personal benefit—a trade to Somewhere He Could Win Another Title. It’s hard to believe everybody has forgotten that now, as they feed Bryant’s incredible ego with chants of “MVP!” Fortunately, not everybody has forgotten it. I haven’t, for one. And Lakers coach Phil Jackson hasn’t either. He remembers when Bryant was ripping the shit out of his teammates and he remembers talking to Bryant about it, along with Lakers owner Jerry Buss and General Manager Mitch Kupchak. “We said we hope that Kobe gives this team an opportunity to perform,” Jackson recalls. “Because we think it’s going to be a lot better than he thinks it is.”




The City of Grand Terrace is celebrating its 30th birthday in 2008, and if I may say so, she’s never looked grander or terracier



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