Artie Lange

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Artie Lange may be the hottest comic living not named Dane Cook. Even better, unlike Cook, Lange is actually funny—freaking hilarious in fact. Lange got his start on Mad TV as one of the original nine cast members, but managed to get himself fired after two seasons due to his wicked coke problem. Coincidentally, one episode involved snorting coke in a pig outfit, another running from the cops and getting caught in the process. After getting fired, Lange decided it was time to sober up and began landing movie roles, among them Dirty Work with Norm McDonald. Lange eventually appeared on The Howard Stern Show, which led to a full-time gig to get him back on the path. His humor can be crude, offensive, and too often directed at easy and familiar targets (gays, ethnic groups, women). Yet unlike a lot of other comics, Lange never comes across as cruel or spiteful . . . possibly this is due to his sweet disposition and/or his ever-expanding waistline—55 inches at last count. He also knows how to soften a blow, because for every joke Lange makes about someone else he’s bound to crack a few at his own expense. The comic is currently kicking off his US comedy tour on April 3rd right here in the Inland Empire. He’ll be at the Universal Amphitheater two nights later. (Bill Gerdes)

Artie Lange at the San Manuel Indian Bingo and Gaming Casino, 777 San Manuel Blvd., Highland, (800) 359-2464. Doors open at 6:30PM; Tickets $30, $40, $50 





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