Emergence . . . through fire and water

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Over a month after its grand reopening, Riverside Community College’s A.G. Paul Quadrangle, better known as The New Quad Gallery, anticipates its second exhibition—Emergence . . .  through fire and water. It’s a collection of one of its own artists, Leslie A. Brown’s, newest works.

Brown studied fine arts at Carnegie Mellon University and was awarded the John L. Porter Award for proficiency in painting. She is a respected painter, printmaker, and educator in Southern California and has been an Artist in Residence since 2001 at Corona Heritage Foundation, in Corona. Her works have been displayed all over the United States. She was also granted membership in the Associated Artists of Pittsburg and now works as the Gallery Director at RCC.  

“I feel so blessed to be opening this new gallery, but it’s a bit uncomfortable” says Brown about directing her own show. Brown’s exhibition was set to display long before she was appointed Gallery Director. The new gallery, with its high ceilings and natural lighting, is an ideal location for Brown’s exhibition.

Emergence . . .  through fire and water is a collection of works ranging from spray paints and pastels to acrylics and oils. The bigger pieces are started with spray paint then covered with pastels. “The spray paint covers a lot of area quickly and gives some tooth for the pastels,” says Brown, “ . . . and there will be a lot of drawings.”

Brown’s works derive from the American art movement and her personal studies of religious texts, and they center on the feminine spirit. “The art should be seen on a more spiritual and metaphorical nature,” she says. Brown sees art as the spirit and artists as the shaman, bringing to light what others saw as darkness. Her works are a blend of contemporary and feminine themes illustrating the many facets of women.

She anticipates good things with the new gallery and the role given to her.

“I think I found the secret.” 

–Lynn Lieu

Emergence . . .  through fire and water, at Riverside Community College, at the Quad Room 140, 4800 Magnolia Ave., (951) 222-8358. Through May 18, with the opening reception happening May 3, from 6pm–8:30pm



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