Riverside International Film Festival

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Now in its third year, the RIFF is proving once again that the breadth and depth of media culture in the former 909 is growing almost as fast as its city limits. Like its sister festivals in Palm Springs and outside the IE, RIFF brings global creations from France, Scotland, Denmark, Australia, Korea, India and more directly to you, as well as national cine, including local Riverside filmmakers and even one piece shot on location in the IE’s very own Idyllwild. 

The more-than-week-long event kicks off with an Opening Nite Champagne Gala where you can meet the talented filmmakers and schmooze up industry professionals. And speaking of that—this year’s RIFF Lifetime Achievement Award recipient is none other than Michael York! We want to go just to get him to sign some of our Logan’s Run memorabilia, or perhaps coax him into a duet of Cabaret. Or we might just look at him, and cry, remembering Romeo & Juliet, even though he didn’t actually die in it. You probably just want him to sign your Goldmember, however. 

Once this party crashes, the movie-watchin’ begins with multiple weekly runs of some pretty interesting filmage. We love documentaries, so we’re particularly jazzed to see the artistic and definitely-going-to-make-us-cry H is For Hunger, Split: A Divided America, which is about you McNugget and Obama supporters (silly, Hillary’s gonna win!), the scary premiere of Feast of the Assumption: The Otero Family Murders, you know, those sick BTK serial killings—and the even more terrifying premiere of Rediscovering God in America, a DC walking tour given by that pillar of faith, Newt Gingrich. We’re totally going to hide our eyes at the gross parts! (Which means we’ll miss the whole film, apparently.) Don’t you miss the rest, though. (Stacy Davies)

Riverside International Film Festival at the Regal Riverside Plaza Stadium 16,

3545 Central Ave., Riverside, (951) 202-5649; www.riversidefilmfest.org. Fri., April 11 thru Sun., April 20, all day; $100–$5. Opening Gala tix sold separately



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