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Who among us hasn’t occasionally longed for a simpler time—or at the very least one free of cell phones and e-mail—where you can call a woman a wench and not get slapped? Well, huzzah, then, the Renaissance Pleasure Faire is back in town along with turkey legs, corsets, and jousting for laughs. Now in its 46th year (the fourth at the Santa Fe Dam Recreation area), the Faire, as always, promises its usual enjoyable mix of Elizabethan costumed die-hards who greet you with a hearty “good day, m’lord” and anachronistic time-travelers (in street clothes) who stammer a sheepish “I be parched” in order to get a mug of frosty ale. Be ye one or the other, there’s still whip-cracking, juggling, dancing, minstrels of all sorts (where else can you see someone play the lute) as well as jewelry, clothing, turkey legs, leather goods, perfumes (and more) for sale, plus a selection of armourers to satisfy your craving for a sword. Costumes are available for rent if you don’t have your own, and a smattering of hand-powered rides, games and kids activities round out the merriment.  (Red Vaughn)

Saturdays and Sundays, 10:00 am- 7PM, now through May 18th at the Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area (Irwindale exit off the 210 Freeway), tickets are $25 for adults/$15 for children 5–12, 5 and under free. Discounted advance tickets available online.



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