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The land of vacationing celebs once again rolls out its annual Film Noir Festival—and the stars on roster should land you in the retro heaven slammer. Night One kicks off with none other than the Police Woman herself, Angie Dickinson! Beloved by your parent’s generation in such classics as 1964’s The Killers (the first film of the fest—also starring the fantastically campy mash-up of John Cassavetes and Ronald Reagan) and John Wayne’s Rio Bravo, the rest of us watched her shoot up good guys in Big Bad Mama, run down TV villains as police woman Pepper, and get sliced and diced in Brian De Palma’s Dressed to Kill

The following fest nights include talk-back appearances by Jayne Meadows (wife of Steve Allen and sister to the Honeymooner’s Alice), who starred as the sassy dame with the rapid fire delivery in 1947’s Lady in the Lake, and ’70s episodic TV queen Carol Lynley (who we simultaneously loved and wanted to strangle in the original Poseidon Adventure) matched up against Sir Lawrence Olivier in Otto Preminger’s 1965 thriller, Bunny Lake is Missing. But these are just the highlights—the three-day fest is filled to the fedora’s rim with even more noir classics and notable guests, so snazzy up in your finest duds and stay away from dark alleys. If you get into a jam—just whistle. You remember how to whistle, don’t you? (Stacy Davies)

Palm Springs Film Noir Festival at the Camelot Theatre, 2300 Baristo Rd., Palm Springs, (760) 325-6565; Thurs., May 29–Sun. $11.50–$13.50



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