The 11th Annual Koroneburg European Old World Renaissance Festival

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Hear ye, hear ye, come one, come all! For all you folks who missed out playing D&D in your formative years, it’s not too late to get your medieval geek on. The Koroneburg European Old World Renaissance Festival once again comes hither serving up wenches in fine garb, plump turkey legs to overwhelm ye bare hands, swashbuckling swordplay, archery, and rollicking fun with good ol’ Baron Heinrich Von Lauffer. The latter’s make believe barony in the gardens along the drought-ridden Santa Ana River beds becomes transformed into the opulent fifteenth century estate of the master brewer himself, spanning a stretch of the lush and heavily forested Rhine River between the towns of Mainz and Strasbourg. It’s enough to make Gary Gygax come back from the dead.

The Koroneburg Festival is the only permanent Renaissance Village in the kingdom of Southern California. Chivalrous knights and fair maidens congregate for an afternoon of jousting on the tournament fields, battle pageants, and parades, where learning the art of historical craft making from guildsters and strategic battlefield maneuvers from tried and true veterans are within a day’s work. Entertainment will be provided on several stages, including acts by the immortal Bard himself, while delectable vittles tempt all who come from near and afar, including fine ales and drink to inspire good will in those who choose to hold court with Von Lauffer. Afterwards, stroll along this quaint German village and bring home Old World handiworks and treasures designed by local artisans. 

Rain or shine, the festival runs every weekend from May 10 to June 15. Come partake of the activities of fifteenth century Germany, and let the good times roll!

Koroneburg European Old World Renaissance Festival, Crossroads Riverview Park, 14600 River Road, Corona, (800) 320-4736; Adults, $18; Seniors/children (5–11), $15; Military, $12. May 10–June 15; Saturday, 11AM–7PM (until 9PM on May 24); Sunday, 11AM–6PM







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