The Steve Miller Band

Posted May 29, 2008 in

The Steve Miller Band has never embedded itself in the hearts of the younger generation like the Eagles have—and we can’t think of a single reason why not. Like those giants of classic rock, the Miller Band has contributed some of the finest, most timeless songs that could ever be cranked up while driving your car down the 1970’s memory fast lane. With number one hits such as “The Joker” (which has the best pick-up line ever: “You’re the cutest thing that I ever did see/I really love your peaches/wanna shake your tree”), “Rockin’ Me,” and the one that hit during our middle school years, “Abracadabra,” Steve Miller and his band are artists of legendary status. Other perennial faves include “Take the Money and Run,” “Fly Like an Eagle,” “Jet Airliner,” “Jungle Love,” and our favorite, “Serenade”—and that’s just their heavily played airwave hits; this original blues rock band started churning out superior riffage back in 1968.  


This year, SMB received some much overdue props when they were honored at the ASCAP Golden Note Awards (even if it was for er, um, pop music) and—along with other such luminaries as Bonnie Raitt and the up-and-comer Sara Bareillesreminded everyone of just how integral they’ve been to the singer/songwriter genre that is struggling beneath the weight of American Idol-esque shit music. So, take the kids, if for educational purposes alone, and treat your ears to a night of finely crafted musical artistry—future generations are depending on you. (Stacy Davies)


The Steve Miller Band at San Manuel Indian Casino, 777 San Manuel Blvd., Highland, (800) 359-2464; Thurs., June 5, 7:30PM, $50–$70




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