UCR’s French Tournées Film Festival

Posted May 1, 2008 in

We were going to write this whole pick in French, but since we haven’t really spoken (and certainly not written) French since Madame Norton’s French 3 class at Poly High, we figured we’d spare you. We’re not even going to pepper in occasional French clichés—we already did that in our review of café Le Pain Quotidien. So, what we will do is tell you that we are thrilled that UCR is having a French Film Festival, because those are our favorite films and our favorite country—outside of the good old US of A, of course (please don’t burn our house to the ground, mister redneck). 

You’ve already missed their first film, Paris Je t’aime (“I love Paris”), which we saw in the theatre because it had two of our favorite actors in it—the sexalicious Fanny Ardant and the equally so Juliette Binoche . . . oh and Gena Rowlands, who’s not French, but probably should be and is still sexy nonetheless—so you’ll just have to rent that one. It’s very rentable.

Coming up, however, you can still be titillated by the latest version of D.H. Lawrence’s Lady Chatterley, which won the French Oscar in 2006, Indigènes; a WWII film set in North Africa, Bamako, about a singer and her husband and the uber-evil World Bank; and the Academy Award-nominated animated film, Persepolis, about the young Iranian girl caught up in the Islamic revolution of the late ’70s. If you missed all of these, too, now’s your chance for a rendezvous redux. And both of those words are now considered English, we think. (Stacy Davies)

UCR’s French Tournées at the Metropolitan University Village Cinemas, 1201A University Ave., Riverside. (951) 784-4342. Every Tues., 7:30PM, $5–$7. Thru May 27



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