Yo! Majesty

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Yo! Majesty doesn’t write songs that fit into mainstream hip-hop’s cannon of minimal beats with bass or ad nauseum gangsta image. The tandem doesn’t abandon hip-hop’s essentials, and they’re not really trying to redefine the genre by plunging headlong into that experimental abyss, but they’re jostling each other to step right up to the edge and look inside. The truth is, these three Tampa girls attack that abyss, ovaries out, and they see more than the grim bleakness of unlistenable noise or the emptiness of their own existence. These girls see energetic, minimal electro beats—produced by Hard Feelings UK—dredging up inklings of old school Miami bass, peppering them with rapid-fire sex-positive lyrics that are bawdy enough to be good racy fun yet cease echoing the boring, over-sexed crap that the likes of Peaches and Gravy Train churn out. Though they’re not only interested in sexuality, when they take the stage and those titties come out and they chant “Fuck that shit!” it can’t help but seem so, and it’s one helluva party anthem—check out the track “Club Action,” a song that has been remixed incalcuable times. Yo! Majesty’s incandescent electro beats and accompanying lyrics are at least hopeful, which is better than hopeless or apathetic, yo . . . because, you know, fuck that shit. (Phil Fuller)

Yo! Majesty, Does It Offend You, Yeah?; Technology; Closed Heart Surgery at the Glass House, 200 W. 2nd St., Pomona, (909) 865-3802; www.theglasshouse.us. Fri. 7PM; $13 advance, $15 at door 



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