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CITIES OF ORIGIN: Pomona / Diamond Bar 

MEMBERS AND INSTRUMENTS: Pherber Jones (lead vocals/guitar); Eric Ruelas (lead guitar/vocals); Paul Bayze (bass/vocals); David Quintanar (drums).

RECENT RELEASE: Surfing the Afterlife (2007).

KINDRED SPIRITS: The Breeders, PJ Harvey, The BellRays, The Cure, Sunny Day Real Estate, MTV’s 120 Minutes re-runs.



“We believe it’s about damn time to stir things up in Pomona,” says Pinhead’s frontwoman Pherber Jones. “It can only get better, what with the revival of the musical and artistic movement in our hometown. We’ve been there to support it.”


And Jones isn’t just spewing empty rhetoric, as she, along with her bandmates, have been an integral part in backing their respective scene for well over a decade. 


The genesis of Pinhead stems from a “Musicians Wanted” ad Jones had tacked around the campus of Cal Poly Pomona in 1991. After jamming in her garage as a trio for a few years, the present line-up was solidified in 1994. From that point, the act set out to ensure that their tuneage was recognized, noting that they had a slight advantage in gaining onlookers’ attention positioning Jones at center stage.


“We’ve always had a vision to stand apart from everyone in the local scene,” says Jones. “Playing music to the masses was new to me and the audience was enthusiastic to see a petite Filipina girl belt out strong vocals and actually play decent guitar.”


That “decent guitar” and songs of more such decency can be heard via the band’s mellifluous blend of ’80s and ’90s greats, striking somewhere between the forcefulness of local legends The BellRays and the melancholic outlook of Alternative Nation Brits of the last decade. And this melding’s also apparent on Pinhead’s most recent work, Surfing the Afterlife, which found the band gaining a following not just in their home base, but also in other locales like Phoenix.


 “With the transformation of our musical ideas and arrangements from post modern punk to sexy space rock, we’ve come to understand that we can reach a larger audience,” says Jones. “Our focus remains true to the fact that music should be shared by everyone. It’s what moves people, so essentially our goal now is to distribute our music nationwide, perhaps worldwide, using the best resources.”


“Music has been our ultimate passion,” she adds. “I’d much rather do what I truly am called to do, than be a lab rat. In other words, we want to go far.” 

–Waleed Rashidi



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