The Jason Tryp Soundworld

Posted June 19, 2008 in Music


MEMBERS: Jason Torres (vocals, guitar, keyboards, harmonica and tambourine) Dani Perez (back-up vocals, acoustic guitar)

RECENT RELEASE: Untitled (2006)

KINDRED SPIRITS: John Fahey, Brian Eno, Ride, everything far-out and folky.



Corona’s Jason Torres “Tryp” of the Jason Tryp Soundworld says he’s fond of that trippy element, “no pun intended,” and it sounds like it. But really, he’s a trip. And we’re not just referring to his music—a whole other high—or the “turn on, tune in, drop out” icon of ’60s counterculture (Timothy Leary) pictured on his trippodelic demo. For someone that calls himself somewhat of a rock & roll vagabond—jumping from airplane to airplane rather than train to train with a knapsack—Tryp is a man of few trip-tales and many gotta-dos. 


Oh yeah, and did we mention . . . he is the Soundworld? Well, he is.


Since swapping NYC nightlife and his band Thee Mindshots (formed in Spain) for a girl out west, he’s just been waiting for the next plane to come in.  It seems very likely that, as with all drifters, he may have just been born to walk and play alone. 


At least Tryp knows what he wants—a drummer, bassist, maybe a club to spin that “arsenal of records”—he’s just seeking the right players, the right timing and the right funds. So he’s saving for an electric, connecting with locals like Moreno Valley’s AlonsoandFriends and making video-tributes on YouTube, either getting “out there” or attempting online victory a la Journey. His demo does ring ’60s-heavy with sing-songy elements wrapped-up in keys and gently-rattling tambourines—think ambient, Floyd-esque tracks keen on encouraging mind-manifesting voyages, or other general “experiences”—what a trip! And the Soundworld? Well, he’ll be tuning-in again at the year’s end, hopefully attracting worthy bandmates with these words. Hey, why not? He’s going somewhere or nowhere fast, and we’d suggest latching-on before he drifts-on. 

–Kady and Jessica Bell


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