Frontside Five

Posted June 19, 2008 in

Little is known about these skate-rock firebrands outside of their native Colorado, other than they hate quiet pharmaceutical music and the unshakable feeling of beerlessness. If that sounds like Larimer Bums of old, use caution opening this jewel case—the bro-shouts in FF’s cacophony would have Pennywise curling up fetally in a hole. But here’s the thing, when you’re being compared to the Stitches and Agent Orange by casual America, with a gut-spewing vox barely getting a word in edgewise against the skinyanking drive of the riffage, you fucking listen, man, because those are the cultural ladders down into our own skid rows. There’s something about the conviction in the Frontside Five that intrigues; so what if they like to skate, drink, live like X-Game nomads and swing a pool stick at the occasional head, they’re about a lifestyle. Because here’s what we don’t need: another band with nothing to say and no way of life whatsoever, just bland adherence to the valium’d-out commonplace. No. Check out these titles from 2006’s Fall Out of Line and tell me you’re not tempted to reach for the King Cobra forty: “She Spits,” “Psycho,” “Call the Cops,” “Skate to Hell,” “Bomb a Hill.” Makes you want to accost a sleeping spirit, doesn’t it? (Braxton Leeds)


Frontside Five at The MAX (Music Art Exchange), 3876 6th Street, Riverside. Wednesday, June 25, All ages; No alcohol



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