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Okay, we’re gonna warn you from the start that even after some umpteen years of catching Supernova in their shiny aluminum “flesh” throughout the venues of Orange County and the Inland Empire, jamming their quirky blend of power pop, rock, punk and everything in between, we’re still not entirely sure what the hell Supernova are all about. Who are they, exactly? What do they really want from us? And how is it that they have come to capture our hearts so magnificently after arriving from some intergalactic alter universe? Well, there’s one thing that we can say about Supernova: Don’t expect this to be the same Supernova that once ruled CBS airwaves a couple years ago from the Rock Star reality TV show series that featured Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee, former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted and Gilby Clarke of Guns N’ Roses fame (who had to change their name to “Rockstar Supernova” after a judge sided with the extraterrestrials—score one for the aliens!). Instead, this Supernova is far superior in every respect, including the idea that, well, they may not even be human (think DEVO, Man Or Astroman?, et al). This Supernova drives a totally awesome van, writes songs about Chewbacca (and about themselves, too), and they even know how to wrangle a bunch of ’80s rock monsters in a legal headlock. As for the stage show: If you’ve never been to one, you simply have to experience this for yourself—it’s an indescribable otherworldly convention of musical madness. (Waleed Rashidi)


Supernova at the Glass House Record Store, 248 W. 2nd St., Pomona, 909.865.3802; Friday, 7PM; at Worthtington’s Tavern, 3587 University Ave., Riverside, 951.779.9169; Sat, 7:30PM, $5


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