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Posted July 3, 2008 in Music




Echoes of Silence (Vanishing Point Entertainment, 2006)


Mickey Hart, Blue Man Group (minus the blue skin), Phil Collins, drum circles, exotic sounds



Here’s a reminder to park those drummer jokes to the side when C.G. Ryche walks up on stage. That’s because the stereotypes of the drummer as “band idiot” are instantly shattered by this one-man percussion sensation, who’s captured the attention of thousands throughout his lengthy career. He’s a multi-instrumentalist, film scorer, composer, and of course, drummer.

Ryche is set to once again prove his percussive prowess with an upcoming performance as band leader/solo artist headlining the Riverside Municipal Auditorium in September. Yes, you read that right, a drummer’s the main attraction at the RMA. Intrigued?

For those who religiously tune into the local Riverside-based PBS affiliate, KVCR, Ryche’s performance shouldn’t be a total surprise. The station has aired his 48-minute DVD, Echoes of Silence, in its entirety three times over the past several months during their pledge drives. Ryche says that KVCR was so impressed, they sent his DVD to over 300 other PBS stations across the country for national airing.

Ryche, an IE native who first got inspired to play from attending the 1983 US Festival in Glen Helen, was formerly in Benise, a Spanish guitar band. However, he’s decided to push his solo act into the spotlight, using a percussion rig that melds the drums of five different cultures (Cuban, Brazilian, Japanese, West African and American).

“As an artist, I believe wholeheartedly that nobody’s ever came to hear a show, they come to see a show,” he says. “The visual aspect is just as much a part as the music aspect. I don’t think it’s about the production, it’s about the people sitting in the seats. It’s about making yourself vulnerable on stage and having a good time and making the people feel involved. A lot of this drumming, they’ve heard, but they’ve never really seen.” 

–Waleed Rashidi

C.G. Ryche performs at the Riverside Municipal Auditorium on Sept. 20


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