Kidnapping the City

Posted July 24, 2008 in Music

CITIES OF ORIGIN: Rancho Cucamonga, Upland, Chino

MEMBERS: Emilie Corpuz (guitar, vocals); Alex Araujo (bass); Jack Roche (drums).

RECENT RELEASE: Indirections (2008)

KINDRED SPIRITS: Sunny Day Real Estate, moods, Sarge, introspection, Copeland, honest feelings, Rainer Maria



Sometimes life gets in the way of your dreams. In the case of Kidnapping The City, it wasn’t exactly life, rather it was the education in which the trio had been engaged that hadn’t allowed them to fully pursue their rock act to the max. 


However, just recently, two of the band’s members were handed diplomas for the studies (which were outside the music realm). So what did Kidnapping The City end up doing? They nudged their formal education aside for an informal ride into the music business. The end result is the seven-track Indirections EP, self-produced and funded by the band’s “record label” (a.k.a. an American Express card). Just like college, there’s a steep learning curve ahead, but if you ask frontwoman Emilie Corpuz, she and her cohorts are ready to sit at the front and ace this class in musical quality.


“I’ve always focused on guitar work and songwriting before anything, [as] a song and the music itself is something you can’t cover up, so we try not to cut corners,” says Corpuz. “In the beginning it was just jamming, making demos and booking shows, etc. Once we became a three-piece, we were on the same page creatively and were able to further challenge ourselves musically.”


Kidnapping The City find themselves inspired by both current and classic greats, from Pretty Girls Make Graves to The Beatles, and these elements creep into their recordings and shows (some of their favorite venues include The Wire and Coffee Klatch), which have served to fuel their popularity. 


And, if anything, it beats the retail beat (all three once worked together hocking electronics) and cramming before finals. “We’ve been—maybe we still are—through the busy starving college student boat,” says Corpuz, “but two of us just graduated and now Kidnapping The City’s become something we see as a potential career and our new EP is just the beginning of it.”

–Waleed Rashidi



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