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MEMBERS AND INSTRUMENTS: David Elijah (vocals); Justin Canela (guitar, vocals); Steven Delman (guitar), Davith Daravanh (bass, vocals); Raul Martinez (drums)

RECENT RELEASE: Take Cover (2008)


KINDRED SPIRITS: Crusades Against Bloodsucking Mosquitoes, Lynyrd Skynyrd in a Meat Grinder—we’ll just say “Unclassifiable”


Bands are known for their looks, sounds, stage shows and albums. Riverside’s Panima is known (or will be known) for all that—but now they’re also known for being the band least likely to spring for an interior detail on their tour van. Now, this wouldn’t be so bad for a group that plays here and there, but for this rockin’ quintet, their road crawler doubles as a home for large periods of time. And now their once well-hushed secret is out in the open for all to realize.


“No one knows that our van is always dirty and is probably the worst van anyone can get into,” says vocalist David Elijah, checking in while trekking across the country as part of this year’s Warped Tour installment. “It smells all the time, it’s never clean, and this whole tour we’ve all been getting bites every night from mosquitoes—I think its because it’s so dirty that they’re just living in our van, waiting ‘til we fall asleep to come out and suck on us.”


Though they run the risk of contracting the West Nile virus, Panima soldiers on, as they’ve done for two years, launching as a band that “really just wanted to bring something different to our town,” says Elijah. “I think from then and now it really has changed. I feel that we really just want to bring great positive music to people’s ears and make it so everyone can listen, and not just [in] one certain scene or clique.” 


With influences containing pop, Southern rock and hardcore, that “something for everyone” mantra works well here. And fortunately, Panima needn’t travel too far to maintain their band’s sanity. Well, most of the time.


“The IE has everything we need. Most business for the music industry is right around our corner so it makes it easier to handle business. I think the only disadvantage is that it gets way too hot in the IE,” Elijah laughs. 


Well, if the temps start to burn, there’s always another trek to colder climes in the filthy van. 

–Waleed Rashidi



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