Bunny Gunner’s Birthday

Posted July 10, 2008 in

Susie and Juan over at the Bunny Gunner in Pomona Arts Colony are the real deal—not only do they live in the back of their snazzy, custom frame shop, but their foyer, which serves as their art gallery, is always showcasing off-beat and super-alt exhibits. (You have to walk back into their living quarters, however, to find most of Juan’s own creations, many of which I’ve tried to snag—as in buy, not jack—because whenever they put his stuff out in front, some fanatical art collector with an eye for kitschy genius must come by and snap it up. Damn you, eye for kitschy genius collector!) If you haven’t been to the BG, however, now’s the time to do go—this weekend they’re throwing themselves a wild-ass birthday party, complete with frosty refreshments, live music by artist Amy Maloof’s band, Falcon Eddy, and a barbecue. But the real fun will be checking out the over 90 works on display from artists and friends—and those artsy friends—who’ve re-imagined the birthday Bunny. Improving on the original BG image seems a long shot, of course, but with this particular group of boozy barrier breakers, we’re sure someone rolled out the bigger guns. Maybe even the bigger buns. (Stacy Davies)


Bunny Gunner, 266 W. Second St., Pomona, (909) 868-2808; www.bunnygunner.com. Reception, Sat., 6–10pm; Open Tues.–Sat., 10AM–7PM




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