The Cosmic Glob

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KRK Ryden is not his brother’s keeper, but he is lowbrow art god Mark Ryden’s big bro nonetheless. But it’s a little known fact that Keyth Ryden—a.k.a. KRK (which stands for Keyth Ryden Kreations)—was the first to dabble a brush in paint in the Ryden family, and it was he who, when an uncle that worked at Disneyland introduced him to Walt, was so overcome with glee that he puked all over the gates into the Magical Kingdom.


That image lends itself to KRK’s whacked-out, absurdist pop surrealism, combining comic book imagery and punk rock-art school angst with a trained hand. Ryden’s paintings and illustrations lend themselves well to the various bands, publishers and institutions his work has helped promote over the years. The Devo devotee even contributed an illustration for the Mongoloid militia, a potato head sprouting eyes, with its hands raised as if to bless the rest of the veg patch, playing on the Devo garden variety worldview. And it’s with this sort of gusto that Ryden senior’s solo show The Cosmic Glob perfectly heads up M Modern gallery’s newest exhibits, also featuring artwork from California tiki king Bosko in his solo exhibit Modern Desert Living, and the 944 Magazine group show, Crimes on Canvas, featuring the work of Pizz, Attaboy, Chris Mars, Shag, Spencer Davis and more. That’s E-ticket ’tainment. (Arrissia Owen Turner)


The Cosmic Glob at the M Modern Gallery, 2500 N. Palm Canyon Dr. #B5A, Palm Springs, (760) 416-3611; Saturday, August 2, 7–10PM, free. 




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