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The rock group We Are Scientists could have any number of occupations—pop culture reviewers, advice columnists and perhaps, yes, even scientists. Right now they are content with being international music stars signed to a Big Media record label, Virgin, and watching their latest release, Brain Thrust Mastery, climb the charts.

After a late Spring tour of Europe, We Are Scientists touches down in Pomona on July 3 at the Glass House—a homecoming of sorts for Pomona College grads Keith Murray and Chris Cain—for a pre-Independence Day aural fireworks show. With Brain Thrust Mastery already a top seller in Britain and another appearance on the David Letterman show slated for later this month, the band who, according to their website, must be “tasted in person” for true appreciation (much like actor/boxer Mickey Rourke), is in the midst of a micro-West Coast tour before heading off to Europe again.

Genuine We Are Scientists aficionados look to the band’s continually updated website (www.wearescientists.com) for guidance for a wide range of topics including Alien Cinema and dispensing advice for tough questions such as: “Ok I’m a girl and I need to find a prom date, but I think it would be very awkward to ask a guy—what should I do?” Also there’s an, ahem, “conversation” with a Russian woman named Ekaterina. How long can it be before these guys get their own show on Comedy Central? (Kevin Ausmus)  

We Are Scientists, Cut Off Your Hands, The Blood Arm at the Glass House, 200 W. Second St., Pomona, (909) 865-3802; www.theglasshouse.us; Thursday July 3, 7:00pm, $15.00


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