Out of Left Field

Posted July 24, 2008 in Sports

Disappointing can sum up this past week for the 66ers. From being so hot as a team last week to getting on such a cold streak this week is very confusing to say the least. We managed to squeak out a couple wins here and there but not near as many as we wanted to over the last few days. The bright side is that we’re only a game back, still in second place, so all is not lost. A couple of good wins this week and we can be right back in first place. We have the talent and the mindset to put together the wins—we need to get back on the top.


In the minor leagues we have what are called “host families.” It’s basically a family that has a player and encourages him or gets him food or whatever they choose to do. It’s a great way for the die-hard fans to interact one-on-one with their favorite players. On Sunday we had what’s called “Christmas in July.” The host families for our team put together a little party with food and presents for each of their host players. It was a nice get together, and it was great to meet with some of the fans. It’s hard to stay happy after a bad losing streak, but seeing the host families and how happy they are to go out of their way to make things nice for us gives us a better outlook on what really is important in life. It isn’t always about wins, but how you play the game and what kind of person you are on and off the field.


We have a about six weeks of the regular season left to play in the second half. We need to string together some good wins in order for us to guarantee ourselves a spot in the playoffs. As the old adage goes: Once in the playoffs, anything’s possible. We have the hitting and the pitching to win it all, it’s just a matter of putting it all together at the same time—that will make the difference.


Tommy Giles plays for the Inland Empire 66ers—the advanced-A affiliate for the Los Angeles Dodgers




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