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MEMBERS AND INSTRUMENTS: Travis Bartlett (vocals, bass); Spencer Bartlett (guitar); Sherman Coleman (drums)

RECENT RELEASE: Dwale (self-released demo)

KINDRED SPIRITS: Metallica, thrash metal, Vikings, black metal, Amon Amarth, distortion knobs cranked to “11”

WEBSITE: www.myspace.com/dwale


No one can accuse Dwale’s Travis Bartlett of not setting his goals high enough.

“Our dream gig would have to be headlining one those giant European music festivals they do every summer, like the Download Festival or something like that,” he says. “In front of 75,000-plus people—that would be awesome.”

Still, he’s totally realistic: “But we’d take 75 people at the local bar . . . there just to see us!” Getting that many heads in the door might be getting a little easier for the metal trio, who launched just a couple years ago and have been playing live for even less than that. Bartlett, his brother Spencer and drummer Sherman Coleman have all known each other since grade school (Spencer and Sherman are still in high school), but have only recently embarked on their dreams for musical success.

Dwale—named after the Deadly Nightshade plant—has just spent some time assembling their forthcoming EP, The Multitude of Things to Come, which they’ll be shopping to labels and using to gain better shows. In the meantime, there’s always plenty more to aim for.

“The initial dream, has been, and always will be the same ‘til it’s achieved, is to be able to do this for a living,” says Bartlett. “But how we chase the dream certainly has changed. We believe we have gotten better, smarter and more determined from our experiences. And we believe that will set us apart from all the bands racing towards the top. It was a real wake-up call as to how much work being in a band is. If you want to be successful, you need to be able to write the good tunes and be [one] hell of a businessman . . . but a lot of bands can get by just by being good at the business part,” he adds with a laugh.

–Waleed Rashidi



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