Posted August 21, 2008 in The Small Screen

What is it that makes watching the Discovery Channel’s series Dirty Jobs so much fun? Easy . . . Mike Rowe. The host is about as game a person as you can imagine, taking a deadpan joy in filth, hard work, scary situations and out and out gross stuff. You can make a drinking game out of his use of the word “poo” alone. Rowe is eager to try on different hats, the more disgusting the better, but the best part is that he does them with an absolute respect for the real practitioners of these dirty jobs, a refreshing turn of events in a world that generally never misses an opportunity for snark. Although Rowe might make fun of the job, he never humiliates the average joe(s) he’s working with, instead offering a head-shaking, self-deprecating reverence that someone actually works a cranberry bog for a living. Highlights of Collection 3 include Rowe’s terrifying walk up the cable of a suspension bridge and his experience fishing for slime eels, a truly revolting creature that most of us never even knew existed, but apparently, some people eat. (Red Vaughn) 


Discovery Channel, two discs

Release date: August 26








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