Young People F*cking

Posted September 10, 2008 in Film

The title couldn’t be clearer: five bedrooms, 11 partners, and a strap on. Of course, what separates an indie film from a porno (besides the dry humping) is that the action is continually derailed by talk. Ya know, feelings, and that. Real mood killers. Writers Aaron Abrams and Martin Gero (who also directs) categorize their lusty bonkers by emotional status—first daters, long-term couples, ex’s, friends, and two roommates and a girlfriend whose situation is about to get waaay more complicated—then subdivides their boudoir magic further into the six stages of screwing from foreplay to afterglow. Buried inside Abrams and Gero’s taxonomical Kama Sutra are moments of recognition, often of the neuroticisms most people are smart enough to shut up about. Their art imitates life (and the creation of it, if the largely-unknown Canadian characters weren’t using pretend protection). Like life, it’s sweet, messy, awkward, and dull. The bigger question of why bother, besides a damned catchy title, lingers long enough to give audiences hot for films with subtext blue balls. (Amy Nicholson)



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