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CITIES OF ORIGIN: San Bernardino, Hesperia, Colton, Orange

MEMBERS AND INSTRUMENTS: Joseph Gonzalez (lead vocals, guitar); Ant (lead guitar, backing vocals); Brian Rogers (bass, backing vocals); Derrin Argon (drums).

RECENT RELEASE: Hellbound (coming late 2008)

KINDRED SPIRITS: Slayer, chain wallets, Suffocation, long-sleeved black t-shirts, Dimmu Borgir, uuuoggggghhaa!, The Exploited, guitars on stun volume, Phobia



The world’s full of folks from different backgrounds constantly squabbling ‘bout their differences. And a microcosm of that concept is buried deep within the music realm, with the splintered factions of genres and subgenres. It’s not too often you’ll see a dude donning shit-kickers walking into a quaint string concerto’s performance. Nor will you find too many studded belts and mohawks in the audience of swingin’ jazz club.


But at least we’re starting to see some handshaking from a pair of rock factions that haven’t always been so cordial: punk and metal. Enter Army Of Darkness. Though they fall squarely on the metallic end of the spectrum with their delicate balance of all things thrash, grind and coarseness, A.O.D. assert that they’re just a mix of punks and metal heads looking for a great time. And it shows.


Bassist Brian Rogers and frontman Joseph Gonzalez originally launched the band under the name Kaotic Kreature. But after picking up drummer Derrin Argon and axe shredder Ant, the foursome solidified the line-up as under a new moniker, Army of Darkness, gigging around the locale, hitting places like the Music Room in San Bernardino, the Vibe and the long-lamented Tremors in Riverside.


“We as a band will play and write the music for the sake of loving the music, and if a good label comes along and offers us a fair deal then we may consider jumping in,” says Gonzalez. “But, for the meantime, we will continue to shred and blow your minds until doomsday comes and takes us all away.”


And if you think Gonzalez is kidding, well, read on sucka!


“We hope you all have been working out because we are coming for you,” he threatens. “So stay tuned and don’t be afraid to jump in that pit! All it takes is one man to start the ‘Circle Eight of Death.’ So, keep on practicing and thanks for all your support because without you guys, we would not be playing the places we are playing now. Let’s get the dance floor started!”

–Waleed Rashidi





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