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MEMBERS AND INSTRUMENTS: Patrick (drums, backing vocals); Pete (guitar, backing vocals); Sam (vocals, bass).

RECENT RELEASE: self-titled demo (2007)

KINDRED SPIRITS: Cannibal Corpse, brutality, Dead Kennedys, being on the offensive, Deicide, red cherry syrup, Suffocation, Carcass, Napalm Death, Iron Maiden


Women of any particular holy order, they’re not. Sally Field? Probably don’t care for her gravity-defying stunts in the ’60s sitcom The Flying Nun. Sister Act 2? It’s unlikely that Whoopi’s making an impression on their small screens right now. In fact, these Gang Raping Nuns claim that they met at church, but we’re not entirely certain about the veracity of such statements.

Here are the known quantities: The Gang Raping Nuns sort of formed about ten years ago, when drummer Patrick and guitarist Pete began jamming around. Admittedly clueless at their inception, the pair linked up with Sam four years ago, and it’s been nothing but a death metal trio pillaging the minds and mental extremities of listeners in the Inland Empire ever since.

Answers to questions posed to the Nuns are equally direct and succinct. With a goal to have fun and to make the most brutal music ever in the Wood Street area of Riverside, these ascetic metallers have opened for veteran thrashers M.O.D. at their convent (a.k.a. the late and lamented Showcase Theatre in Corona), and have even drank baby fetuses in Big Gulp cups (well, again, so they say). Hey, at least they’re putting on that “glass half-full” attitude when discussing future recording plans: “We hope to have a finished recording of a full CD by 2020,” says Patrick.

Of course it’s not long until the threat of a death metal band at your front door becomes all too real once again. Yeah, if the Gang Raping Nuns’ pummeling metallic presence isn’t enough to get you to surrender, they’ve got backup they can call.

Says Patrick, “Be at our next show or Zombie Jesus will get you!”

We’re jumping in our cars, pronto.

–Waleed Rashidi

Gang Raping Nuns at the Las Chabelitas Sports Bar, 9370 Telegraph Rd., Downey, Sept. 13 with Sacrificial Slaughter, Grave Desecration, Castle Ultra and Knight Eternal.


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