Katt Williams at San Manuel, Thursday, September 11

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It’s too easy to describe Katt Williams as a “Gangsta” comic, one who takes edginess’ to new heights both on stage and off. In reality, nothing about Katt Williams is easy to explain or define. This, after all, is a man who turned down a scholarship to the National Science Academy to pursue his dreams of a stand-up career, a fella who offered to refund money when one of his shows bombed and recently handed out $100 dollar bills at a show in LA. If anything, Williams is unpredictable—but always funny. After appearing on shows like BET ComicView, The Boondock and a cameo on the videogame Grand Theft Auto IV, Williams landed a couple of character roles in films like Norbit, First Sunday, and Friday, After Next—though his efforts were gallant, he didn’t rescue them. But the thing is, Katt Williams has a quality all top comics share—he’s not only hilarious but interesting as well. Whether he’s riffing on smoking dope (he’s for it) or dissecting the intricacies of Michael Jackson (he’s against it) Williams has a unique take. His lecture on the perils of drinking with white friends neatly satirizes both white and black perspectives on imbibing and hitting the clubs—he even uses the chance to show off some of his off the cuff dance moves (hilarious). Yet through all of his comedic bits there runs a brutally honest streak that’s both raw and refreshing. (Bill Gerdes)


Katt Williams at San Manuel Casino, 777 San Manuel Blvd., Highland, (800) 359-2464, Thursday, September 11, 6:30PM. Tickets $35–$55





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