The Knoits

Posted September 17, 2008 in

To hear the Knoits is to get a blitzkrieg assault of punk power reminiscent of the older punk some of us grew up with—you know, music with integrity that won’t sell out and won’t allow itself to be used in a Taco Bell commercial. The Knoits music propels itself with a monstrous display of heavy, screaming guitars that rumble and roar, hitting the ear just as early Rancid did, only punctuated with Social Distortion riffs, and drums forever like Minor Threat or the Descendants. We’re talking as loud and chaotic as the transmission of some massive engine in a demolition derby—and then you take a good look and realize that it’s just a tandem cranking out all that noise. Holy Sid Vicious—there are only two people up there. The Knoits are brothers Sal (27, vocals and lead guitar) and Marvin Oyarzabal (21, drums), and it’s an utterly inhuman display of musical talent to see two cats laying it down like five. And it’s a homegrown duo, peeps—the Knoits are as punk as Riverside can make them. Check them out locally before they take the world by storm. (Jason T. Davis)


The Knoits at the Goth Industrial Deathrock Night at Pharaoh’s Den, 3579 University Blvd., Riverside. Friday, September 19, 11PM. For more info visit 




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