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There’s a reason the Turtles’ song “Happy Together” is legendary—unlike most love songs, it doesn’t whine, it doesn’t beg and it doesn’t get all sappy. “Together” says it straight out and with confidence: no matter how we tossed the dice, it had to be, and I can’t see me lovin’ nobody but you the rest of my life. No hearts and flowers, no fear—and no getting rid of me. It’s a fantastically crafted tune, and as long as a stalker didn’t dedicate the song to you, a refreshing change of pace.


And so were the Turtles, short-lived though they were. Battling against a 1960s music scene dominated by Motown on one side and the British Invasion (read: Beatles) on the other, this California surf-rock band playing a fusion of folk-rock and goodtime pop managed to squeeze through the chinks and snag a top spot with their aforementioned career-defining 1967 hit, forever placing them in the cannon of American rock legends. But don’t forget about their other smash hits, such as their only self-penned release, the infectious “Elenore,” their moody “You Showed Me,” written by Bryds Roger McGuinn and Gene Clark, and their international sensation, “She’d Rather Be with Me.” 


While the Turtles broke up by 1970, front men Howard Kaylan and Mark Volman got back together in the ’80s and have been touring as of late under the name “The Turtles featuring Flo & Eddie” (Flo is Volman; Eddie, Kaylan—don’t ask us why). Now’s your chance to catch the legendary dudes at Soboba and feel all that happy togetherness that was the flipside of the turbulent ’60s—and a much needed respite from chaos. (Stacy Davies)


The Turtles at Acs Lounge, Soboba Casino, 23333 Soboba Rd., San Jacinto, (866) 476-2622;; Wed., 8PM, $25



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