Best Casino

Posted October 9, 2008 in Feature Story

San Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino opened in 1986 and is a lot closer than Las Vegas, as its more than two million visitors a year will attest. With 3,500 slot machines, the chingachang and blipsy-bloops of video electronics a constant backdrop, midday matinee and high stakes bingo in a 2,500 seat hall, blackjack tables with up to $2,000 limits, poker tables to harvest your inner Jamie Gold and indisputably the best buffet in the IE, San Manuel lives up to its guarantee of a great experience (which we define by limiting the number of ATM stops to two). (Stan Bolinowitz)
San Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino, 777 San Manuel Blvd., Highland, (800) 359-2464


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