Best Coffee Roasters

Posted October 9, 2008 in Feature Story

You, my friend, are a coffee aficionado, not a mere java addict, not a morning cup o’joe slurper. And you are also a proud native of the good ol’ IE, not some East Coast transplant raving about how, in your book, only Dunkin’ Donuts knows how to serve coffee. Nor are you one of those folks who feels comfortable using the Italiano terminology when ordering your lattes. (It’s not a grande, it’s a freaking LARGE!) No. You are the person who prefers perfection and you know, deep down, the only way to achieve that is to make your own damn coffee at home. That is why you have found, and proudly serve, only coffee roasted right here in the IE. IE Coffee roasts only the top 1% of the organic eco-friendly coffees and delivers them right to your door where you can brew them correctly. They believe in the actual flavor of coffee itself, eschewing those frou-frou “Dutch chocolate caramel” blends that allow people who don’t really like coffee to drink it. This is the real deal, just like you. Try the Redlands blend for a rich dark roast that’ll make your espresso sing. (Red Vaughn)


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