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Posted October 9, 2008 in Feature Story

Mixed martial arts are the new rock & roll—it’s a documented fact. We know this because Megadeth played a concert betwixt fights on the Affliction card a couple of months back and the drop off in energy was palpable whenever Mustaine hunched over the mic. Ozzy was slated to play the next one in Vegas (cancelled), and guaranteed he’d have seemed like a brittle-old shoehorn next to Arlovski and his fangs. People love guillotines, rear naked chokes, arm bars, omoplatas, ground-and-pound, three-inch gashes over the eyebrow, elbows and Dan “Hendo” Henderson—these things are rock & roll. Henderson is one of the founding members of Murrieta’s Team Quest, a gym of legends that the public can train at with not only Hendo, but Art Santore, wrestling legend Heath Sims, top five light heavyweight contender Sokoudjou, Ultimate Fighter 8 cast member Krzysztof Soszynski and other unspellables. Heavy on the Greco Roman, heavy on the wins. As the gym motto goes, “pain is merely weakness leaving the body.” (Chuck Mindenhall)
Team Quest, 41561 Date St., Murrieta, (951) 677-1684;


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