Best Pickled Egg

Posted October 9, 2008 in Feature Story

Joe Jost’s in Long Beach has the best pickled eggs in Southern California, but the Racer’s jars have a little somepin-somepin too. This is an old-boy’s institution, a beer with a picked egg, served best with a spritz of something red and hot and eleven shakes of pepper. The pickled egg is still one of the prized two-way foods, as it’s known to wreak a little havoc on the intestines. A seasoned pickled egg eater calls this a “report,” and wears it on his face—a face that distinguishes the words noxious and obnoxious. At Racer’s there’s a strange element in the patronage—stringy women on the pole, stoical bros in ironed-billed ball caps, old-timers that are guts and brawn, the occasional amazon in the corner. This is the kind of milieu a pickled egg can be eaten and enjoyed, sort of a High Life moment. (Chuck Mindenhall)
Racer’s Pub, 3812 Pierce St., #B, Riverside, (951) 689-1932


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