Best Place to Buy Acai

Posted October 9, 2008 in Feature Story

I’m not really sure what Acai or 80 percent of the other vitamins, minerals and supplements at Clark’s Nutrition do for you, but if there’s a magic potion to make you live a healthier life, Clark’s is sure to have the all-natural ingredients. Founded in Riverside back in ‘72 when only hippie-types were doing the whole “organic” thing, Clark’s has a wide array of natural beauty products, organic produce, wheat-free breads and pastas, and the whole gamut of natural (read: healthier) foods, oils and powders to help you clear the nasty pesticides and bovine growth hormones from your body. (Red Vaughn)
Clark’s Nutrition, 4225 Market St., Riverside, (951) 686-4757 (also in Loma Linda and Rancho Mirage);


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