Best Place to Witness Elitist Record Store Snoot Firsthand

Posted October 9, 2008 in Feature Story

As anyone who’s ever read Nick Hornby’s High Fidelity knows, music-store clerks are a curiously snooty lot. They’re disdainful of anyone seeking to broaden their music tastes (try getting them to recommend a good Joy Division album—you’ll see). They’re prone to stuttering fits of sarcasm (“You—you do know that—that Bob Mould was in another band before Sugar, don’t you?”). They’re remarkably elitist for people working minimum-wage retail. In short, they’re comic-book storeowners with tattoos. And no one defines this subset of annoying service employee more than the good folks at Riverside’s Mad Platter. Which isn’t to say that Mad Platter is a bad store—far from it. The place is a velvet gold mine of hard-to-find LPs, EPs, imports, bootlegs and all the posters, buttons, magazines and such that make music loving such an interactive experience (as noted by winning the Reader’s Choice this year). And it isn’t to say that everyone gets the shitty-attitude treatment: If you want the Mad Platter staff to treat you right, just staple a bunch of junk to your face, cover yourself from head to toe with really bad ink, and—if you’re 25 or older—die, be reborn, and come back when you’re between the ages of 16 and 24. (David Silva)
The Mad Platter, 1223 University Ave., Riverside, (951) 328-1600;


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