Best Radio Show

Posted October 9, 2008 in Feature Story

Shock jock Howard Stern’s been relegated to satellite radio and Los Angeles radio stations don’t always boast that raunchy edge Empireans require to keep tuning in on a consistent basis. But the region’s been blessed with its own homebrew, the locally-flavored Morning Stiffy, on the airwaves smack in the midst of drive time, from 6AM–10AM on KCAL 96.7FM. Headed by “personalities” Stu—affably billed as a “90-year-old alcoholic” on the station’s website—and Jimbo (see above entry for his merits to the universe), this Stiffy’s one long ‘n’ hard belly buster. (Waleed Rashidi)
The Morning Stiff from 6AM-10AM weekdays on KCAL 96.7


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