Best Smokeshop

Posted October 9, 2008 in Feature Story

The Windjammer has been around a long, long time—31 years as a matter of fact. And you know what? Rock t-shirts, rasta stickers and water pipes are still as in vogue as they were back in ’77 when Zep shirts and leaf paraphernalia were a way of life. This 4,000-square foot emporium has a bit of everything, like a way-out there Spencer’s Gifts with a smokeshop attached—definitely one of the largest selections of pipes, candles, incense and “tobacco” accessories in all of Southern California. Bob Marley’s ghost wafts in and out. As owner Jerry Casillas says, “I have customers who have been coming in 15-20 years—and now their kids are coming in.” Passing the pipe through the generations, ahhhh—precious, dude. (George Donovan)
The Windjammer, 168 S. E St., #A, San Bernardino, (909) 889-6026


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