Best Toe-Drag and Bit of Dipsy-Doodle from a Holy Roller

Posted October 9, 2008 in Feature Story

He’s the youngest of nine brothers and sisters, he has better hair than Dave Mustaine in 1987, and he’s the sickest roller hockey player to ever dig eight tiny roller-wheels into a dry surface. He’s Upland’s Itan Chavira, winner of the 2006 USA World Championship, lamplighter for the LA Pama Cyclones—a player that some have called “Roller Hockey’s Great One” because he’s to roller hockey what Wayne Gretzky was to ice hockey. This could be coming on a bit strong. But Itan would rather he be thought of for bringing the Word to the “broken spirit” than for toe-dragging and slick skating. He is also an ebullient Christian, and “mad nice” according to those who’ve met him. And, though he is certainly no lock, especially since he’s making the transition over to ice hockey, he could be playing for your Ontario Reign in the near future. Wouldn’t that be cool? Our own Dean Youngblood. (Chuck Mindenhall)


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