Best Tourist Attraction

Posted October 9, 2008 in Feature Story

Though our mountains are best known for their snow and ski spots, places like Lake Arrowhead Village really are great day-long getaways just about any day of the year. In the middle of July, it’s the perfect place to retreat and beat the downlander’s triple-digit temps. And in the middle of January, you’ll be partaking in a winter wonderland that’s full of shops and eateries, giving you something fun to do aside from freezing your bones off. The Village often has a host of special events, like car shows, and best of all, it’s sitting right on the edge of the lake, with a terrific view of the H2O. (Waleed Rashidi)
Lake Arrowhead Village, 28200 Highway 189, Lake Arrowhead, (909) 337-2533;


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