Sex Drive

Posted October 15, 2008 in Film

Ian is a virgin, a character deficiency best friend Lance (Clark Duke) pushes him to fix with an all-day road trip to find a cute blonde (Katrina Bowden) he met online. Of course, life isn’t as easy as 99% of the girls in Sean Anders’ film. All-day stretches into all-weekend, and their dude-bro adventure gets bogged down with Ian’s “totally platonic” best friend Felicia (Amanda Crew), a passive-aggressive mall goth; a string of enemies including Ian’s acid-washed and alpha macho older brother Rex (a hilarious James Marsden); and a redneck furious that Lance—a Neil Strauss-channeling dandy—bagged his missus in a trailer park. Unlike most teen sex comedies, Anders and co-writer John Morris’ script is based on a novel (albeit one for ninth graders) that probably takes as long to get through as the flick given its predilection for long scenes with small gains, like an extended bit where the gang has to pee in a broken radiator. One’s heart breaks for actress Kim Ostrenko, cast as Ian’s kindly step mother, who smiles through a scene with a condom stuck in her hair. Still, though the first half is unfunny and desperately crass, the second is unfunny and genuine—at least, as much as possible for a film that climaxes with a four-way gun standoff, a cat fight, and a guy wearing a donut costume. The comedy is as belabored as Ian’s increasingly reticent efforts to get his carrot wet. But a few throwaway gags score popcorn points, including minor riots Seth Green, Mark L. Young, and Cole Peterson, and a wild Amish party that should supplant “Rumspringa!” over “Spring Break!” as the body shots’ battle call. (Amy Nicholson)


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