Band of the Week: Apryle Dalmacio

Posted October 30, 2008 in Music

RECENT RELEASE: Pieces of Apryle (self-released, 2007)
KINDRED SPIRITS: KT Tunstall, acoustic guitars, Vanessa Carlton, going solo, Michelle Branch, thinking, feeling, connecting

In a region known for its aggressive dudes, aggressive drivers and aggressive music, it’s nice to have folks like 2008 Inland Empire Music Awards nominee Apryle Dalmacio, whose soothing sounds make us all take pause, clear the air, catch our breath and let the tinnitus ring without blaring guitars continuously pile-driving our eardrums.

But, Dalmacio’s plan is more than simply delivering nice tunes to nice people. She’s poised to make some serious change (in the sweetest possible way).

“My visions are to inspire, captivate and influence as many people as I possibly can in a positive way through music,” she says. “Whether it is through my lyrics or the melody, I’m using this God-given gift to voice out what I have to say and hope that people will hear my message. My grand scheme, or my message, is to never give up.”

Dalmacio labels her acoustic-based music “her drug,” and has used such artistry to overcome many negatives. Her hopes are to capture those in the audience by relating to them at places across the IE, including Coffee Depot.

“Not only do I love their coffee, I love the people who come in to get their coffee, they are always supportive,” she says. “It’s a great place for artists to promote their music. During the weekends, Riverside Plaza gets really busy and when performing, [passersby] hear you.”

But such inspiration had to’ve arrived from somewhere. (Ahem! Cue the Santana-collaborating, hitmaking guitar-pop princess!)

“I grew up listening to Michelle Branch thinking, ‘That could be me on the radio playing the guitar,’” she recalls. “I would listen to the songs on her CDs while reading the lyrics and thinking how the story to this song relates to my life. I think that is what shaped my music and how I hope to inspire others through my songs.”
–Waleed Rashidi

Apryle Dalmacio at Coffee Depot, Riverside Plaza, 3405 Riverside Plaza Dr., Riverside, (951) 222-219, Sat., Nov. 22, 7:30PM


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