Posted October 30, 2008 in News

Dear Editor,
While I appreciate that your magazine gave any coverage to the opening of the recent Citizens Business Bank Arena, I thought it was a little strange that only a page was devoted to such a monumental undertaking. I was expecting to see all kinds of photos, perhaps a couple pages devoted to the lay of the land, giving your readership something to really feel proud of. Instead, we got a truncated overview, albeit well-written, with information that we could’ve likely found after a half-hour’s worth of digging around on the Internet. And then, I found even more odd, was that you recently opted to print a full news story about the proposed secession of rural Northern California and Southern Oregon, locations that are, really, quite far out of the reaches of our neck of the woods. Where are the priorities? I’m just confused.
–Gretchen K., Rialto

Dear Confused in Rialto,
Let us guess, if something’s not right under your nose you’d rather not think about it, right? The War in Iraq isn’t the War in Redlands, and that’s a problem for your radar. If a thongy Vampirella is sucking the necks of young stallions in East Rutherford, it’s easier for you to think nothing’s happening since this ain’t no Jersey. Got news for you little girl, shit’s happening. Everywhere. They’re coming. They’re watching us. Burn this. Do it.
The Editors


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