Posted November 25, 2008 in News

Dear IE Weekly,

After your “EATS” column on the new Relish Deli [vol. 3, iss. 32], we just had to try it. Does your writer of the column actually go to these places? If so, I cannot believe that he could have had such a glowing eating experience. Our visit was very disappointing. The floor was dirty and hadn’t been cleaned in days.  While the selection was varied, we settled on a Pastrami Reuben and potato salad. The sandwich arrived with cold sauerkraut, and the bread fell apart immediately. The “potato salad” was merely cold mashed potatoes. The restaurant itself was very stark inside. Not a good experience. I’ll be surprised if anyone will be able to patronize the place after Easter.

–John & Nancy Julis


Dear John & Nancy Julis,

I mean, we can’t put an ankle bracelet on Bill Gerdes (or any other reviewer), but he hasn’t lied to us in the past and we have every reason to believe he went to Relish Deli and liked it. Sorry you didn’t have a similar experience there, but none of this is the real issue. The real issue is—and maybe you’ve thought about it before—the name Inland Empire Weekly is a nightmare of numerology. Chew on this: How many letters are in Inland? How about Empire? How about Weekly? I know, weird—it’s like when that Damian got to thumbing around the back of his head in the Omen movies. If this keeps up I’d be surprised if anyone can patronize any place after Easter.




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