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Dear IE Weekly,

As a future restaurant owner in Rancho Cucamonga, I was really excited to see that the Restaurant Issue [vol 3, iss. 32] you did put into focus family-owned, unique restaurants rather than vanilla chains. It was equally exciting to see some favorites like the Tartan of Redlands and the Silver Dollar Pancake House in the spotlight. But, I can’t fathom why you wouldn’t write about our good friends over at the Original Joe’s? Doesn’t the name say it all? Best minestrone soup in the area, breadsticks from heaven, homemade everything, and the friendliest faces in Riverside. Next time?

–Rachel Lorrie, Rancho Cucamonga 


Dearest, dearest Rachel,

As the somber voice of the original Star Trek series once said—and that’s the original, not the vanilla chains—“Space . . . ” Forget about the final frontiers, we’re talking space. As in space limitations. If it were entirely up to us, we’d have propped the Original Joe’s with klieg lights and boom mics and did an entire print issue with televised simulcast and smeared pizza sauce on our faces. But, we were faced with hard choices. Also a spiraling economy. Print is dead. Flowers in the attic. Pennies from heaven. All of that. So, next time for sure, maybe.



Dear IE Weekly,

How do you not mention Surfer Joe’s in your Restaurant edition? Shameful!

–Ed, San Bernardino


Dear Ed,

We almost feel like we should call this “Joe” who owns everything in the IE and apologize for negligence. We don’t want to say we forgot, but we will own that we are, most certainly, “forgetful.” Make sense?



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