Posted November 13, 2008 in News

To the IE Weekly,

Good job trying to save face and backpedal in your last issue after tainting the good name of the Claremont Village by ascribing the "herpes triangle" stigma to it as part of your "Best Of IE" issue. However, the Village is owed much more than a simple "clarification" relegated to the bottom right hand corner of your page. There’s no proof to such events happening in the area and you know it. Face the music, write a more significant and far more sincere piece, perhaps to the tune of how the Village has managed to succeed and thrive for decades without being berated by publications like yours. Shameful.

–James Clarkson, Claremont


Dear James,

No proof, huh? We invite you to come into the office here and take a long look at our lips and tell us there’s no proof. Several of our lips have finally reached our hairlines. There hasn’t been this many discharges since the Battle of the Bulge (and we aren’t talking riflery, brother). One intern’s lymph nodes have swollen to the size of Cornish hens. We scratch ourselves continuously, like cats pawing at bad litter. No proof. But seriously, that blurb was 163 words long—get over it. Get a sense of humor. Stop being so literal. Laugh a little.




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