Posted November 6, 2008 in News

To the IE Weekly,

Just wanted to let you know that I’m consistently impressed with the coverage the paper’s been giving the myriad events happening in our area in recent months. We’ve—and I mean collectively Inland Empire residents—been kicked to the curb by the Los Angeles-based television stations, many of whom forget that life exists east of the 605. Coverage on events and news in our surrounds may wane on these VHF channels, but at least there’s a gamut of good radio stations and print publications (like yours) that keep our region more than afloat; it’s like we’re really an extended family of greatness that the rest of the Greater Los Angeles region doesn’t even need to know about. So, thanks for providing terrific, thoughtful coverage—from the elections to the goings on for Halloween to simply suggesting another great eatery that’s within reasonable driving distance. It’s nice to have that reliable, entertaining, and constant “family member” on the racks each week.

–Sandra Ruth, Redlands



Thanks mom. I told you if you wrote in we’d get you in print. But seriously, Sandra, do us a favor as a show of appreciation—this IE you mention just voted Ken Calvert back in. Please track down all who voted for that shmuck and treat them as the Sioux treated A Man Called Horse. We don’t ask a lot of favors. Please. Just do this one thing for us.

Very truly,



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