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On November 8, the Lewis Playhouse in Rancho Cucamonga will welcome pop icon Tiffany to its stage. The artist, whose most enduring song has been her cover of the Tommy James hit, “I Think We’re Alone Now,” will be stopping at the Victoria Gardens complex as part of her 2008 tour. Originally from Norwalk, California Tiffany gained fame in 1987 when she released her self-titled album. In 2000 Tiffany released a comeback album entitled, The Color of Silence which she describes as “my coming out as a song writer.” Her most recent album was 2005’s Dust Off and Dance.

Let’s play Q&A with the pop star:

IE Weekly: So, what brings you out to the IE?

Tiffany: I’m just finishing up a tour I’ve been on since June. I’m excited to be ending in Rancho, because it’s my home base. I have a place out in the IE.

IEW:  What can people expect to see at your show this time through?

T: At Rancho I’ll be doing hits of the ’80s and some of the stuff from Color of Silence. Nothing really from Dust off and Dance. It’s a band show. I love to rock out with my band. I do a lot of cover tunes like “Kids of America.”

IEW:Are you working on any new music?

T: I have a new single out called “Just Another Day.” Right now I’m primarily doing dance music, which was brought on by my fans. It was my fans that pushed me to do Dust Off and Dance.

IEW:  What was it like in 1987 being 16 years old and then gaining all that fame?

T:  My dreams came true bigger than I imagined. I loved Stevie Nicks, so whatever I saw her doing I wanted to do. Becoming that kind of influence took it to the next level.

IEW:How do you think you’ve evolved over your career?

T: I’m more comfortable in my own skin now. I’ve been in the industry for 25 years and I’m more comfortable as a business person now. I’m more comfortable to speak what is on my mind and I’m able to relate to people more. I love to reminisce with the moms who come out to my shows. They say to me, “When we were growing up . . . ” and I say, “Girl—we’re still growing up!”

–Chris Millan

Tiffany at the Lewis Playhouse, 12505 Cultural Center Dr., Rancho Cucamonga, (877) 858-8422; Sat., Nov. 8, 7:30PM, $30


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