Boy Howdy–Giving the Gift of Cool

Posted December 11, 2008 in Feature Story

There is inevitably somebody near and dear to you who likes Camaro’s, Creem magazine, Gram Parsons, pot brownies, T-Rex, Frank Zappa and gritty New York punk in general. For this person, log onto, a place where you can find vintage rock t-shirts that past icons such as Debby Harry (Punk), John Lennon (Record Plant Studio, worn when performing “Imagine” at the NYC Hilton in 1975) and Iggy Pop (Dublin Sound Studios), among many others. These “t-shirts with soul” are now being worn by a whole new crop of celebs like Ellen Page and Robert Downey Jr., because there’s just something about simplicity that is vintage—and something fugging cool about having The Flying Burrito Brothers jumping across your thorax.


To purchase, visit, or visit Amoeba Records in Hollywood, 6400 Sunset Blvd., (323) 245-6400. 


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