World’s Greatest Stocking Stuffer? The Box Set

Posted December 11, 2008 in Feature Story

DVD boxes were clearly created with Christmas in mind. The excessive nature of having a “COMPLETE SERIES” or “ULTIMATE COLLECTION” is the kind of thing that precludes folks from buying these things themselves, but absolutely delights them when unwrapping them on Christmas morning. So, here are the best boxes of the year, suitable for blowing minds. 


The Godfather — The Coppola Restoration Giftset


This five-disc set contains restored versions Parts I and II and a remastered version of Part III, plus commentary from Coppola on all three films and two discs of bonus material (some carried over from prior box sets, but some all new material). 


Knight Rider: The Complete Series  & The Incredible Hulk: The Complete Series


These two classic TV series are nicely packaged up for the complete collector. The Knight Rider box even has a little flashing light a’la KITT that plays a snippet of the theme song. Nostalgia in a box.


Psycho/Vertigo/Rear Window — Universal Legacy Series


Although not really a box set, per se, these individual Hitchcock films are possibly his best and have been given the lux treatment by Universal. Each is a two-disc set with digitally remastered copies of the film plus a disc of bonus features in a really stylish book-like package. 


The Gregory Peck Film Collection (To Kill a Mockingbird | Cape Fear | Arabesque | Mirage | Captain Newman, M.D. | The World in His Arms)


One of Hollywood’s classic leading men gets the star treatment in this set, with six films to choose from. 


Night Gallery: Season Two & The Outer Limits Original Series Complete Box Set


For hours of creepy fun, here are two TV series for fans of cerebral horror. Although The Outer Limits has been available in separate DVD sets before, here it’s nicely packaged for the 45th Anniversary of the show. Fans argue that Season Two of the Night Gallery was the best of the bunch (although Season One gets most the press) and here are 61 episodes with a who’s who Hollywood cast. 


The Ron Howard Spotlight Collection (Backdraft | Apollo 13 | A Beautiful Mind | Cinderella Man)


Four great films packaged together to highlight Ron Howard’s standout directing career. 


Criterion Collection Essential Art House, Vol.1 (Grand Illusion | Beauty and the Beast | Lord of the Flies | Wild Strawberries | Knife in the Water | Rashomon)


Polanski, Cocteau, Bergman, Kurasawa . . . this set acts as an education in art house movies, providing some of the best selections from these noted auteurs. 


Yo Gabba Gabba!: The Dancey Dance Bunch

The first DVD release from this Nick Jr. show will please parents and toddlers alike. With hipster-friendly music and guest appearances (Elijah Wood, etc), it still manages to teach some really nice basic lessons—not ABCs but things like “it’s more fun to share” and “try it! you’ll like it!” as demonstrated by costumed characters Muno, Brobee, Fuffa, Plex and Toodee and DJ Lance Rock.

–Red Vaughn


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