Posted December 18, 2008 in News

That Light Was Pink

It was great to see Roberto C. Hernandez’s article on the screwy camera at the intersection of Mt. Vernon and 9th (vol. 3, iss. 36). After receiving a citation for running a light there, I was pissed off because the light changed exceedingly fast—and for once in this life time, I feel vindicated. Those stupid cameras are getting us closer and closer to a police state, so when I see them fail like this, it makes me very happy. 

–Lyle Kiele, San Bernardino


Or Was It Orange?

Red-light cameras are a joke. What ever happened to cops and human eyes? What really pisses me off is that I got mine at a different intersection in Los Angeles. It makes me want to go back and time that damn thing and see if it’s up to snuff.

–Jason W., Highland



Thanks for the idea to get my little cousin exactly what he wanted for Christmas, the “Crazy World Ain’t It” shirt that Hamersveld wore back in the day. My knuckleheaded little cousin knew that it was a place that sold vintage shirts, but not which one, and along came your [Gift Guide] issue to lead us right to it [at www.wornfree.com]. High-five!

–Carli Hand


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